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YES! This Company really does give away FREE Leads to distributors. In fact, seventy percent of these leads have already purchased the product. (Talk about a PRE-QUALIFIED Lead!) Leads are generated by ½ hour TV and Radio Infomercials. They currently generate about 10,000 Leads per month. But they are ready to do much more, once we get more distributors to handle the Leads. Actually, they turned down invitations to be on Oprah and Larry King, because we haven’t got enough distributors to handle the Leads.


The Company owns a MAJOR Media Company, which produces INCREDIBLY professional Infomercials. The Media Company then places them on TV and radio, producing a HUGE response! Yes, the Company produces the Infomercial, buys the TV and Radio time, generates the Leads, and then GIVES them away FREE to distributors.



YES! We really do give away FREE MLM Network Marketing Leads to our downline. (Can you use 100 MLM Leads each month? How about 200?) These are not stale MLM Network Marketing Leads. These are FRESH MLM Leads, and THEY ARE RESPONSIVE!

What would you expect when you have the World’s best Sponsoring tape?




YES! It does take work. But it’s not hard work. We’ll teach you how. We teach an MLM Sponsoring System for people who don’t like to sell. We have used this System to build 50,000 plus downlines in several major Network Marketing Companies. One MLM downline is over 100,000. We even provide a PRIVATE Training Website.  Plus a FREE Training Fax on Demand. Plus a FREE Training Conference Call – we’ll teach your downline. The Sponsoring System can’t be bought at any price. But it’s FREE for our downline.

For a FREE recorded sample of our Training, call 716-420-4293


YES! We will provide you with your own personal Website. We'll teach you how to promote your Website. PLUS give you a software program to promote it - FREE! 




YES! We’ll GIVE you 20 FREE tapes to get you started. We know this is the most effective MLM Sponsoring Tape there is. We’ve seen it go to work for us. Three hundred people in our downline – in our first two months! This tape produces! And we’re ready to prove it to YOU!        RESULTS!!!


Actually the Company owns the largest Network Marketing Tape producer. So the tapes are really priced low to begin with: 50 cents each. Videos of the same Infomercial are only $1.50. So giving you 20 tapes is a bargain, compared with the results we will see in your downline.    RESULTS!!!


The Company also owns a major Market Research Company, with a presence in 50 Countries. They serve major National and International clients. They don’t introduce a Sponsoring Tape as a test. Distributors are not used as “guinea pigs”. When they introduce a tape, they already know it works!  Their Market Research has already told them this tape REALLY WORKS!

This tape is AMAZING! And it produces amazing results!     RESULTS!!!



How do I qualify? 

     1.     Join us.  Sponsor ID# 11067824   Aaron Ashcraft

2.     Order $100 in products.

3.     Sign up for $100 Autoship.


That’s it!!!!


Call me,  Aaron at 781-736-0882

Call for a FREE Tape.


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