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Streamline Logo
"You Can Make Money While You Sleep!"

Money Maker Magazine "The HOTTEST business opportunity of the century!"

"Company of the Month"

Make Money While You Sleep!

* No Selling!
* No Meetings!
* No Sponsoring!
* No Dressing Up!
* No Presentations!
* No Time Required!
* No Telephone Calls!
* No Running Around!
* No Face-to-Face Contact!


Voted #1 Online Business

If you have ever thought to yourself, "Why can't I be in the right place at the right time?"

Well, I can honestly say, YOU ARE NOW!

Thank you for choosing to look further into Streamline International. Streamline is now entering the very exciting "MOMENTUM" phase. And, Lord willing, we are all going to experience tremendous growth in the upcoming months.

The On-Line Recruiter Does Everything For You!

Company mails FREE info packs!
Earn thousands your first MONTH!
Most lucrative pay plan in the industry!
Commission checks increase every month!

Completely automated sponsoring system!

Massive Growth is happening NOW!

But that's not all that's expected to effect Streamline's growth.   Streamline along with our strategic relationship with NBG Radio Network has just begun our new 300 station radio blitz.  Our first seven days generated over 1,000 new interested prospects.  And things don't stop there!  With more than 1.6 Million people visiting our main homepage, 300,000 post cards mailed monthly, over 170,000 full color newspaper-style brochures mailed, and numerous national advertising in the hottest network marketing magazines all to benefit you and your downline.  Is there any doubt in your mind that Streamline is the company for you?

The feature article has been released, the radio commercials are now being aired, STREAMLINE IS TAKING OFF!!  In twelve months time we anticipate over 100,000 people involved in Streamline, and right now there are under 10,000.  Now's your chance to be distributor #10,001(or less), instead of 50,001 or 100,001.

Our Company is on track to be the FASTEST growing company in this industry EVER! Read on and you will see why we have made it possible for the average person who dislikes to sell and hates to show the plan to do neither but still have the opportunity to profit quickly!

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