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There are drawbacks to all the web sites that give you money for viewing their ads. For starters, there is a limit to the number of hours a month you are able to make. Each of the people you refer are limited to the same hours per month. I have 6 active windows at this moment and when the Email comes in for the others, I will become active in them. The reason that I want to get these working is when one of the windows are at the monthly limit, I will exchange it for one that has time left for the month. This way I will continue to earn money even when the limit of one is reached.

Surfing in your spare time? Then you may be surfing about 2 hours a day average (maybe more on weekend). This can be as much as 15 hours a week. Most of the sites have limits of 25 to 40 hours a month and their add would be on you desktop NOT earning money 1 - 2 weeks each month. If you have more than one or two ad windows on your desktop and change them when they reach the limit then you should make money the whole month.

Another drawback is that some of their windows will only acumulate money while you are in a brouser window, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape. If you are reading Email, or in a chat window some do not acumulate cash. There are a few window programs that does not matter which program you are running as long as you are in front of the screen.

There are some that have only a contest going on at this moment (until after the year 2000). These are not giving cash, but prizes until programing problems are taken care of and a new window id ready for download. They have a set time their contest will be over and then they say they will be giving cash for time on line after the contest.

I am going to update this web site with many of this information. Then anyone can decide the sites that are the best for themselves. If you want to find new sites not in my list, I would like to join then. Please Email me the information and send your reference number.



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