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This is the end, my only friend, The End

The Doors set the music world on fire when they released their album

in January 1967

Jim Morrison the lead singer of the band, quickly became the king of orgasmic rock. The self proclaimed Lizard King

Unfortunately he met with an untimely death as did Jimi Hendrix & Janis Joplin. Is it concidence or fate that all three died at age 27 within a year of each other

From this amazing album came the song The End which is my favorite song from my favorite album

Click here to see the lyrics to The End

Here is Jim's final End

To find out about me click here

One more picture of the

Lizard King when he was the "young lion"

click on this picture to see a full sized one

Perceptions of a Morrison Fan

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This page updated Dec 9th 1997

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The End