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Welcome to James Lord Woodburry's Rockaway Park Philosophical Society homepage

>Greetings Philosopher:

The gentlemen of the Rockaway Park Philosophical Society welcome you in Fullosia to downtown Rockaway Park where the Society preaches the complete philosophy of Fullosia. Read on and ascend from the imposed ignorance of politically correct puree.

THE HEROIC ARTHUR: The Basis of Political Culture

Arthur: Life & Times Christian & Pagans Masonry & The Legend Democratic Legacy


patriot The Rockaway Park Philosophical Society celebrates Fullosia with this cheery item from FULLOSIA DICTIONARY:

Politically correct: that which must be mouthed no matter how manifestly untrue.

The Society invites you to rise above and ponder the fullosia.

Visit the Greetings of Fullosia Fullosian Greetings FULLOSOPHICAL SAYING OF THE DAY:
If libraries were open as late as bars we'd be drunk on learning.
THE PHILOSOPHER'S MANIFESTO Philosophers arise: You have nothing to lose but your minds!

The Wisdom of Fullosia

The Rockaway Park Philosophical Society is much more than a collegium of epigramologists we in fullosia, are the lion of philosophy and heir to phi who call you from the state of confusion to enter a state of Enlightenment............. Academic Philosophy imposed by the educational apparachik may be defined as the process of logical obfuscation by which it is proven what is clearly not the case. A famous author (not Will Rogers regrettably) once wrote: Philosophers seek the meaning of life without knowing how to act in a dime store. The Fullosia takes up the challenge to prove the value of philosophy in the study of the ordinary. We're on a 50 year mission to find the best pizza pie....

Academic philosophers in ivied towers may complain, "We are philosophers we know nothing of mundane matters."

In forging thought in the union of true intellects: THE ROCKAWAY PARK PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY celebrates the ordinary.....

****The Society actively promotes American culture : espousing

(A) THE Recognition of AMERICAN STANDARD JIVE as the independent national language;

......(B) McGuire may hit homers but the Society scores with the study of baseball as an art form, expressing the unity in individualism unlike the corrupt blood sports of foreign potenatates;

.......(C) the culinary arts are not ignored. Foreign calorists beware we only ingest of American foods : pizza, chow mein frankfurters and hamburgers.

Throw down your Newton & Liebnitz and study Casey at the BAT!

Not all may be suited for fullosia. Fullosia Dictionary teaches:of BSing and being BSed. A tidbit of food for thought from FULLOSIA Dictionary:

Universality that which becomes so generic or universal becomes universally bad. closely related to Least Common Denominator Hypothesis .All things in a social group descend to the level of the lowest functioning individual. also related to Arrogance Have we reached the point of the arrogance of our folly or the folly of our arrogance? and to Low Functionning the state of most individuals in society-at-large.
Join us in the Fullosia!
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Read the review of the Dickenesque IF ALL MEN WERE ANGELS, the story of life in flux in the Third Industrial Revolution.
See the Book Art of the Society. "Even in the days of Electronic press there is nothing as equisite as book covers." --Lord Woodburry

@2000-2001 by the Gentlemen of the RPPS . Join with us in the Fullosia.