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Jd Collins

Stories from The Military Police Blotter by this author in The Inditer:

Between 1998 and 2002 selections from The Military Police Blotter ran in the Canadian publication Inditer Dot Com. The brainchild of Bill Loepkey Inditer Dot Com accepted a wide variety of views and talent. It closed its electronic doors on June 8, 2002 as advancing age and illness of its editor forced a shuuter.

Military Police Blotter covered the untold stories of the courtmartial processes and Army CID. Not every case flshes up in lights like the Calley Court-martial or The Town Without Pity Case but there still are some extraordinary tales to tell.

new - "Notice of Appeal" - Military Courtroom Drama from J.D. Collins.

Black and white Soda - - Legal in Texas
The Cult of Discipline
The Case of the Blue Hen More Courtroom Drama -
A Reason for Doubt - Third of a Trilogy -
Phantom Defense Second in a Trilogy
The Bear's Claws - First in a Trilogy
"The Prof's Hat" A bizarre case from the files of John Davis Collins.
"Time Passages" - In Answer to Donald Grant DeMan's Stubby.
His Stock In Trade
Uncommon Distinction

Colours - Vietnam in a Law Office
Medals - Medals - for what? - John Remembers
"The Legacy of the Tudor Rose" - Lady Jane Grey
The Pen, The Sword And The Wreath - dedicated to the Legislators of South Carolina
Special Agent. The Iconoclast of Mohegan Lake, NY was the original publisher of "Special Agent" The Iconoclast is willing to accept Canadian & U.S. authors on par.
The Mark
Power Play
The Paradox
The Hero
Hail and Farewell

If All Men Were Angels
If All Men Were Angels

John F. Clennan - - says this about himself:

"John (for John Wayne) Davis (for Jefferson Davis) Collins (I'll let you guess that one), is the pen name of John F. Clennan, Esq, the author. His story, The Hero brings the reader to our brave new world of law enforcement, where drugs and internal police intrigue blue the line between right and wrong to the point that the concept of heroism is endangered. This is no 'The Butler Did It.'"

A practicing lawyer, John F. Clennan, the author has publishing credits including the novel 'Tested Positive' (inverted A 1994). Selections from 'Angels' have been featured as short stories in the 'Tales out of Court' series, carried by several small presses (1995-1997).

John F. Clennan was; Academic Honors Student, Judge Advocate in The Army, Law Assistant to the Appellate Division, founding member of the Peconic Literary Society and the Rockaway Park Philosophical Society.

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