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        Reverend Adam Black is a Spiritual Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Medical Intuitive and Counselor with over fifteen years of public service. Gifted from childhood with exceptionally clear and accurate clairvoyant ability's, he has astounded his clients with his ACCURATE, CLEAR, and COMPASSIONATE INSIGHT. He is also a Buddhist Minister and founder of The Society of Compassionate Friends, a nonsectarian Buddhist organization dedicated to presenting the teachings of the Buddha in a manner more easily understood and practiced within the context of Western Culture and Modern Society. The SCF is also active in the promotion of religious tolerance and other Compassionate activities and organizations both locally and Internationally.

        For over fifteen years he has assisted persons from all sectors of society, law enforcement , members of political office, Rabbi's, members of the Clergy and private individuals. He is widely known as a sincere and unusually gifted individual, driven by a great need to be of assistance to others in whatever way is most appropriate to their unique needs.

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To Whom it May Concern,

Several years ago, I had the unfortunate experience of losing a friend to suicide.  As the years went by, I often felt "Robby" around me.  His presence was most obvious whenever certain songs or certain types of music was playing.  

While his presence never caused a sense of fear, it often brought on an overwhelming feeling of sadness and grief.  I knew that for whatever reason, Robby was having a difficult time moving on.  
One evening, as I was sitting with my good friend, Adam , I felt Robby around.  I shared Robby's story with Adam.  Adam glanced over my shoulder and then described Robby in detail.  Being used to Adam's ability to "see" those who have moved on, I wasn't surprised when his description of Robby was accurate.  Adam then sat in silence for awhile.  When he finally turned and addressed me, he proceeded to tell me the details surrounding why Robby had committed suicide.  I was thankful that Adam could tell me what Robby wanted so desperately for me to know.  I was also thankful that Adam could tell Robby what he needed to do to move on.
Shortly after this, Robby did move on.  He appeared to Adam once more, to ask Adam to warn me about some individuals who were planning on causing some mischief in my life.   While I miss Robby, I am thankful that he was able to move on to the next phase of his existence. 
May the Universe protect you and guide you, Robby, my friend. 

Julie C.

Dear Adam 

I want to thank you for your reading and "insight". You have made my 
day !  I just started training for a new job. It isn't law enforcement (my 
career). I started training as a salesman. I will be a salesman for 
 Adjustable Beds. The commissions are high and I will be making 
more money in this field than in my previous employment. I don't know if this 
will be a start of a new career but it will take me out of the financial bind 
I am presently in. 
I'm looking at "doubling" my former salary. Yes one of my 
step-daughters suffers from asthma on occasions.  Yes, it does seem like the relationship is in a deadlock or 
"stalemate" . I believe she has a problem with my mother. 
She doesn't call her like she used to. My mother and her were close. You 
picked that up in your reading. Yes, my girlfriend is insecure. I am 
very faithful to her. 
I wish I could've been there in person for this reading. Adam , you 
are gifted and I want to thank you for counseling me and guiding me the 
right way. I will stay put and not make any rash moves. I got homesick a few 
times. I really do miss my mother but will hold up from leaving until I see 
what Florida and my career holds for me. Again, thank you for your time and I 
look forward for more guidance from you. God bless you.

Antonio P.
West Palm Beach, FL

To Whom it May Concern

I've came to see Adam on four different occasions for readings in which the predictions he made have been accurate. I have sent four of my friends to see him, as well as know other people who have had readings done, of all the psychics they have seen, they were very surprised and impressed by how much he could tell them.

If your looking to have a reading done, I definitely would recommend seeing Adam, you won't be disappointed.

Julie Luner, Feb 2, 2000

To whom it may concern

I have been benefiting from Adams services since the summer of 1995(my first reading). In the time that has since transpired, I have had numerous readings, all of which I have found to be very insightful and most applicable to immediate and future situations. I have found Adam to be a genuinely caring person who consistently employs his Spiritual Gifts with the utmost integrity. I have encouraged many of my friends to utilize his services, and I will continue to do so in the future.

Tim D.

Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, April 25th 2000








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The word psychic is loosely used to describe a wide variety of mental phenomena such as "telepathy", "precognition", "clairvoyance"," clairaudience", "psychokenesis" and others. The word itself is derived from the name of the Greek Goddess Psyche, who was believed to rule over dreams, visions, mental illness and other mysterious manifestations of the deep mind. The word itself is associated with the concept of going deep, of plunging or probing the depths of self to gain insight, knowledge and inspiration. In a practical sense it means to obtain solutions to problems that cannot seemingly be solved, at least from the viewpoint of our waking or "normal" self and perceptions.

The Goddess "Psyche", and other cultural manifestations of the Divine Feminine are intimately connected with water, and springs that arose from the ground. The water that gushed forth from the depths of the earth was inextricably linked in the subconscious with the emotions, dreams and visions that bubbled up from the depths of the mind as mysteriously as the water coming forth from the earth.

Water collected from these springs was thought to possess qualities that potentate the process of "Psychic" inspiration, and was put into special containers and gazed into to obtain visions and knowledge. This practice we know of as "Scrying", is as ancient as these springs, and is found almost universally. The use of crystals and mirrors were developmental offshoots of "water Scrying".

Psyche was eventually associated with man made wells and fountains. The practice of throwing coins into a well or fountain while making a wish is a direct descendant, a vestigial memory of spiritual practices associated with the "Goddess" worship of cultures worldwide.

"Psychic Abilities are viewed as somehow evil, or satanic by many western religious organizations. Yet upon examination we find that most, if not all of these religions and sects were founded upon the "mystical" and "psychic" inspiration on the part of their founders.

The history of the Christian church is filled with persons bearing supernatural gifts.

There is Paul the Simple, born in 339 A.D. A student of St. Anthony in Egypt who performed miracles of healing and the power to read men's minds. He was called "The Simple" because of his childlike innocence.

There was Mary Magdalene Dei Pazzi, born in 1566 who possessed the gifts of Prophecy, the ability to read thoughts, and performed miracles of healing. She was Canonized a Saint in 1669.

Francis Croese, born in 1804 at Comporosse, Italy, was known all over the city for Miracles of healing and for farseeing. He invariably possessed knowledge of persons and events far from Italy, that dumbfounded his contemporaries.

A prime example is Albertus Magnus, born in 1206. The eldest son of the Count of Bollsdadt in Swabia, of what is now Germany. He was the Mentor of St. Thomas Aquinas. Known for his brilliance and erudition, and his encyclopedic knowledge, he was dubbed by his contemporaries" the universal doctor". He was for a time the personal tutor of theology to Pope Alexander IV.

He was widely renowned for his ability to know men's thoughts, to commune with the souls of the departed, to prophecy men's fates, as well as healing, the ability to alter weather and other charisms of the Spirit. He was also an Astrologer, Scientist and Philosopher who was the first to reconcile Platonic rationalism with the Theology of the Church and the question of Faith.

His gifts lead to such controversy during the early years of the Inquisition, that he resigned as the Bishop of Regensburg and very narrowly escaped being a victim of that Shameful Blight on the Soul of the Church. A very vocal opponent of this Inquisition, and the horrors that it wrought, he was ultimately unassailable because of his high standing and unquestionable holiness. Never the less his Gifts were so profound and varied that he remained a controversial figure, and in spite of constant calls for his canonization was only recently canonized a Saint and declared a Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius XI in 1931.

These are simply a few examples relating to the early history of the Christian Church in the West, not including the wide history of these Gifts of the Spirit as they manifest in all the major world religions both in the West and The East.

The nature of psychic abilities are found in the fundamental reality of the deep interconnection that exists the apparently singular person and their environment. The Buddhist religion points to this interconnection and interdependence between seemingly disconnected and independent phenomena  most forcefully.

We are all interconnected through more avenues and upon subtler levels than we normally perceive. Our physical senses distract and limit us from perceiving this. Our individual personalities, prejudices and other mental and emotional rigidities block and distort what enters our awareness and how we react to what we perceive. This is why the forced development of "psychic" abilities is frowned upon in spiritual disciplines that understand them. We cannot often gain clarity through our normal perceptions, and the forced development of perception without the ethical grounding and mental discipline that is required, will inevitably lead to greater confusion and not clarity. In short, everyone is psychic simply by virtue of existing. Like musical ability, the ability to be psychic is universal in principle, in practice of course this is not the case. Musical ability ranges hugely, from someone who is tone deaf, to a Bach, Handel or Mendelson. In spiritual and psychic genius the range is greater, from a self centered, ego bound, psychopathic serial killer, to a spiritual and psychic Einstein such as The Christ and The Buddha.



Spiritual Clairvoyance is not a well understood charism , but I will share my experience of this. At a very young age I began experiencing what can only be described as visions of the spirits of the departed. These visions were not simply visual, but also encompassed elements of sensation and thought that are very hard to describe verbally. It was at this same age, that I began experiencing what can be described as bright multicoloured light around the bodies of those around me, what I now know is commonly called "the Aura". You can imagine how difficult this was to describe at such a young age. My poor grandmother had no idea how to deal with me and my "vivid imagination". This is how most in our culture refer to such experiences. Yet how is one to describe such perceptions, how can someone describe colour to a person who is blind?

It was of course very difficult to integrate these experiences into the meaning and purpose of everyday life. To try and maintain a focus on practical routines and the demands of everyday life is difficult enough, never mind distractions of this nature. I was very fortunate that as time went on that I discovered in books descriptions of phenomena that corresponded with my own experience.

During my adolescence as my experience and understanding grew, I naturally became more and more driven to delve more deeply into the nature and meaning of these "gifts". That is how I consider them now as gifts, although for most of my life the emotional and social isolation that resulted from these "gifts" caused a great deal of pain. It can be extremely difficult to hold a conversation with someone while some deceased relative of theirs is standing behind them demanding attention and determined to communicate some message. Of course this is not an easy topic to insert into the conversation for obvious reasons.

As my study of these matters deepened, my interest in all matters of a religious and spiritual nature intensified over time. I have studied the dogma and philosophy of the major world religions, and some of the more obscure ones as well. I particularly focused on the elements that dealt with matters of mystical experience within the more dogmatic outer expressions of popular religion. The attitude towards these type of experiences varies widely within all religious contexts. In many religious structures, mystical experience is feared and considered inherently evil. At the same time within these same structures you will find mystical experience to be the pivotal force both creating and inspiring these structures. The acceptance of these experiences limited to the structure itself and ultimately rejecting the experiences of nonmembers, or when the experiences of members challenge the existing power structure.

Contrary to many popular "new age" conceptions, and those held by many adherents of spiritualism, not all and indeed very few of those in spirit seemed to me to be sainted and all wise simply by virtue of having died. During my youth I encountered spirits of widely differing character and temperament. Some seem lost, dazed and confused, tied to a particular environment or person. Some were of good character and motivation whose chief concern was the guidance and protection of those still living that they had cared about in life. Indeed many in this category seem to have gone through some sort of transformative experience with their death, in the sense that they seemed to possess a deeper insight into life, and a perspective that had a profound change upon their character. There seems to be a sense of mission about these presence's, and I did receive intimations that they were receiving some sort of higher guidance.

There have been encounters with beings of great wisdom and love that I can Only describe as Angelic. I encountered beings who were when alive people of great hostility and anger, these people in their after death state seem quite earthbound. They congregate around certain people and environments that are saturated with emotions and thoughts of a darker quality. I have also had a number of encounters with entities that in no discernible way seem human at all to me, they carry with them an atmosphere of such hatred and pure malevolence, that it is not describable in words. Let me just say that they inspire such fear in someone confronted with them, that the emotional and mental well being of that person is threatened in such encounters.

Overall the contact that I have had with persons on the other side of the veil is a positive one for all concerned, much pain and unresolved issues have been repaired with such encounters.

A final word on this subject, I am not a trance medium or channeler, I am in full consciousness in these communications with my free will and faculties fully functioning. There is a fundamental difference between these two activities that are fully dealt with in another article on this site. Trance medium ship, channeling and such tools as the Ouija Board are dangerous methods of spiritual communication that can lead to obsession, hauntings and potentially full spiritual possession. 

What is a Reading?

A reading is exactly that, "a reading", of the conditions that exist both within and without the individual, the patterns which exist that are creating suffering in that persons life and consciousness. I reflect upon and receive inspiration and guidance that will be of the most direct and practical use to that person at that time. I am not omniscient of course, but my readings are accurate and relevant to my clients. I place great emphasis on self responsibility and self empowerment.

Contrary to many peoples perception of "fortune telling", the future is very seldom set in one path and we have a greater influence on our futures than we normally believe. In short, these readings are practical and useful. They should be used as a tool and a guide to assist in dealing with the issues confronting you, not as a crutch. I do not supply fantasy and  palliative platitudes. You must test and evaluate the truth and value within my readings for yourself, and if you find the information of value and of benefit, then and only then should you apply it yourself.

I look forward to being of service.

Respectfully, Adam Black




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