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The Dead Can't Feel Pain

pretty poison

Silicon Rainbow

Want some entertaining thrills? Need grips of fun? Get yours now! Silicon Rainbow stories are designed to shock your mind. Trust imagination to find your soul. The strong will survive. Time stands still, you hear a voice, see an empty silhouette. Connections get cut. Here comes the final solution. Silicon Rainbow. Email: Douglas Edwards:
New Car Ford Toyota Nissan Dodge GMC Chevrolet Hummer
And screams of horror rend the affrighted skies
Silicon Rainbows' sick stories:

#1 Lassie
#2 Smuggler
#3 Twinky Cop
#4 lil' Jesus
#5 Creationalist
#6 White Dog
#7 Fingers
#8 Butch
#9 Corpse In The Freezer
#10 The Doctor
#11 My Little Girl
#12 Comfortably Dead
#13 My Father's Casket
#14 Pretty Poison
#15 My Last Love
#16 Burn In Hell
#17 Death In The Family

Alice Cooper vists Silicon Rainbow every day. This is what he has to say about Silicon Rainbow:

"Silicon Rainbow is a disgusting liar!"

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