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Welcome travellers

Hi, All of you know me from our discussion list.

For those who entered here by chance, or was directed by somebody who did not gave too much info, I must tell that we are a very close an numerous bunch of travellers. We are not rich at all.
We are young an full of desire to know the world. Usually this cost a lot of money. But we help each other. We host our friends and cut low expences.

I try to make new friends. If you want to be a new one, just ask me details about how to join our mailing list.

I want to travel so I need you all around the world.

I should post here more pictures from our trips, but I am so lasy.
If you really need to see a lot of pictures just push me and maybe I will add more

Write to me

And use my search box when you need, or visit from time to time my banners pages