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Even Romania is  considered a third world  country, it is a rich country from many points of views. Ones of these treasures are mountains and especially natural caves.

Caves care my passion. I want to share my passion with everybody who like them, so I just build this site. I am not good on PC stuff, so please excuse my mistakes.
I will try to improve this site in time, so please patient. Rocks are patient too :)

I like to have guests from all over the world, so if you enjoy just write to me and I can be your guide in our mountains.

For the case that you are very passionate by Romanian caves, I offer myself to host and cover local expenses for you, those who want so bad to come here but do not afford.

To make it fun, and to be able to give this gift to those who deserve better I try to initiate a little competition. If you want the prize, join our group and answer the questions from my contest.

If you have suggestions you are welcome.

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