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Effect January 1st, 2019 this website will cease all operations.
All content, websites, and backups will be deleted on that date, so please download any content you would like to save.
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The Crew

Welcome to p2ptransfers.com

Our Mission

All of us here at p2ptransfers.com strive to offer everyone a way to get involved in a wide range of filetransfering options. We believe that everyone that wishes to should be able to learn the knowledge used in some of todays best exchange programs. We also support the effort's of the creators behind a few of the programs. We will try to have a wide range of program's listed here. We also have are own FTP servers set up and we will be offering access to them.We do not in any way take responceablity for what you do with the knowledge you get from this site. "Thankyou p2ptransfers.com staff"

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