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Have you heard that companies are actually paying people to surf the web? Well, it's true. Businesses are so eager to grab your attention that they are willing to pay you to look at their ads. I admit that I was skeptical until I started receiving checks in the mail. Now I'm so convinced of the paid-to-surf industy's potential, that I now surf full-time and get paid for it!

Currently, there are over 500 companies that pay members to surf. I encourage everyone to sign up for all the companies since they are free to join. However, since sorting through so many programs may be a bit overwhelming for some people, I have only listed the top must-have programs. All of the companies listed on this page are available now.

There are several types of paid-to-surf companies, so I've broken them down into paid-to-surf, paid-for-advice, paid-to-search, paid-for-email, and points programs.


Spedia Spedia started paying users a few months ago. They pay about $.47 per hour for unlimited hours. They also pay users to refer their friends, receive emails, sign up for programs, play games, and shop.

Click here to see a copy of a Spedia check.

DesktopDollars DesktopDollars is another highly recommended paid-to-surf company that pays users to download their ad bar and refer people. They pay about $.20 per hour for unlimited hours. I like their adbar because it is really nice-looking and easy to use. Join today!

Click here to see a copy of a DesktopDollars check.


Epinions Epinions is a great way to make money on the web. Epinions pays people to give their opinions about hundreds of subjects like computers, cars, restaurants, and more! All you need to do is write an easy 100 word article on what you thought about a product or service. You will then earn $.01-$.03 everytime a member reads your article for life. Since Epinions has thousands of members, your earnings will really add up fast. They pay you a bonus based on 10% of your referral's earings, too.

Click here to see copies of Epinions checks.


SearchCactus This is a new search engine that will pay you to use it. Just click on results that specify a money value and get paid. You also get paid to refer people. Sign up today and get $2 instantly!


AllCommunity This is an extremely easy way to earn money. Just sign up and get paid $.03 for every email Allcommunity sends you. You also earn $.01 for every email your referrals receive down to 3 levels.

Birdmail Birdmail is a program that rewards you for using their free email account. You are awarded points based upon how much you use your email. You can also get points for shopping through their site, signing up for free offers, and playing games. Points can be redeemed for prizes like free beach balls, cd players, gift certificates, and airline tickets. I receive a prize about every 40 days from them. If you join now, you will earn 1000 points instantly!


Memolink Memolink gives you points for visiting sites, referring people, answering trivia questions, taking surveys, signing up for offers, and shopping online. You can then redeem your points for gift certificates to places like department stores and restaurants. I earn a $25 gift certificate every two months just by visiting their site for a few minutes everyday.

Minrak Minrak is a new points program on the web, but it looks great. They give you points for receiving email, visiting sites, searching, referring people, taking surveys, signing up for offers, and shopping online. Points can be redeemed for cash or gift certificates to places like department stores and restaurants. I earn a $10 gift certificate about once a month from using this program. Join today and get $.75 worth of points just for signing up!

Remember, all of the paid-to-surf companies are free to join and use. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by using these programs, so join today! Since you surf anyway, why not get paid for it?

If you would like to find over 555 paid-to-surf programs, downline clubs, and promotion tools, please visit:

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