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New Brunswick's Field

Hi, I'm Jie Chen. It's so nice to see you here. I was born in Shanghai, China. I moved to Canada with my family 7 years ago. There are 4 members in my family. My parents, my sister and I. I studied hospitality in China. After I came here, I decided to learn some new knowledge. Currently I am studying computer programming in Seneca College, Toronto. My hobbies are reading books, listen music, fishing, gardening, and cooking. This is my first web page, and I hope you like it.

My plan for my website:

I plan to design a web page for a dog home. This web site will help those abandoned dogs to find a new home. It will allow people, who willing to adapt dog, to apply online. It also provides some basic knowledge for caring dogs. And with a page to answer the people's questions. The reason for planning this website is love dogs very much. I hope I can do something for those poor dogs, so they can have a warm home and a nice owner.


Please click the following picture to view the Sample Web Site and give me a feed back:

Senior Dog House and 

Criteria for a successful website:

  1. It should have a uniform look.
  2. Using same background, same text font, font color, and font size.
  3. Better set all the pages with the same layout
  4. No typing errors.
  5. Background color and text color should fit, so user do not have hard time for reading.
  6. Make sure user can use both browsers (Netscape and IE) to navigate.
  7. Try to make website interesting and creative.
  8. Make code easier for people to maintain.