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Hi! Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Heather Lee Merrifield. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born in San Jose CA, and moved to Virginia at the age of three. I lived there for almost 10 years, until the age of 12 when my father got orders to Wales. We lived in a small town in southwest Wales called Haverfordwest, pictured here.

We traveled extensively, all over Wales and England. This is a picture of Chepstow Castle. Isn't that just the perfect tree to sit under and read?

The British tend to welcome pets more so then here, so we would take our dog Chelsea with us to sight see.

We visited all types of places, stately homes, castles, such as Warwick castle, towns, and even cemeteries.

Cemeteries are especially interesting when the tombs and headstones are over 100 years old, which they most often were.

We also went to animal parks and safari parks. Safari parks are especially popular over there, many of the British are very into animal preservation and conservation. I loved going to the safari parks, but my favorites were the birds of pray displays. My favorite animal is the barn owl. This picture was actually taken in Sherwood forest.

After we had lived in Wales for 4 years, my father was posted to England. We continued to sight see all over England, Scotland and Wales, including seeing Dover castle.

England is where I met my husband, David. This is us at Oxburg hall in England.

Any of you who have ever read many comic books will recognize my husband as the Crow, and myself as Death from the Sandman.

David and I were married in the local parish church in my Village of Thurston, in Suffolk. The Church we were married in was almost 800 years old.

As the Wedding was in England, it was difficult for our families to get there. My parents and my Nana (my father's mother) were able to come for my side, and David's mother and Aunt Kathy were able to come for his side. My bridesmaids were my best friend from England, Christine (on the left), and my best friend from Wales, Rhiannon (on the right).

For our honeymoon, We went to Paris. We were able to explore the city quite well, and we had a lot of fun. We were able to go to the Louvre and Notre Dame. I truly enjoyed just walking around the city and looking at all the beautiful buildings.

We were also able to see Monet's Water lilies. Monet has been my favorite artist for a while, but I had no idea that his paintings were so huge!

After Paris, we went to Rome. We were able to see the Roman Coliseum, which was wonderful. In the Roman Coliseum there are several feral cats, and although they won't let you pet them, they are happy to pose for you, so that you can get a pleasant photo.

My husband and I have been married now for 5 1/2 years, and although we do not have any children, we have three cats, (from left to right) Random, Pixel, and Selene.

We do have a niece though, her name is Anna, and she is David's brother's daughter. Isn't she cute?? Well, That is me in a not so small nutshell.

I would love to hear from you!
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