Find out anything about anyone on the internet!
Discover secrets about: your friends, your family, your neighbors,
your enemies, your employees, yourself, even your boss!

WWW Detective Software - Version 5.0 - Available NOW! 

Information About

  • People
  • Yourself
  • Adoption records
  • Credit information
  • Social Security records
  • Employment history
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Military records
  • Locator maps
  • State & Federal records
  • Vehicle records
  • Reunions (all types)
  • Family history
  • Law enforcement records
It's Amazing!
  • Screen prospective employees "before you hire them".
  • Check credit, driving or criminal records.
  • Verify income or education.
  • Track down who owes money & find hidden assets.
  • Locate old friends, a missing family member, someone who is hiding, even an old lost-love.
  • Find e-mail, telephone or address information on anyone!
  • Investigate your family history! Trace your FAMILY TREE.
  • Check birth, death, adoption, or social security records.
  • Check out your daughter's new boyfriend!
  • Find trial transcripts and court orders!
  • All you "Ever Wanted to Know" about dialups, browsers, cookies, domain names, webhosting & email.
  • Find EMPLOYMENT opportunities ALL OVER THE WORLD!
If you're trying to locate someone, run business investigations, find legal information, contact long lost friends or just be plain nosy, WWW Detective makes it easy.

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The Internet is a huge and powerful source of information, if you know where to look. This software program will show you how to find out nearly anything about anybody, and tell you exactly where to find it! Be sure to check your own credit reports so you can correct wrong information that may be used against you to deny you credit.

<<<<< But Wait - There's More >>>>>
With WWW Detective you will discover:
  1. All you Ever Wanted to Know about dialup isp's (internet service providers), web-browsers, cookies, domain names, webhosting & email.  Get Free Webhosting & Dialup accounts, learn about your exposure to the internet from your computer and what to do about it.
  2. How to cloak your email so your true email address can't be discovered.
  3. Make third party phone calls so the number called won't appear on your phone bill.
  4. Where to find a list of speed traps throughout the USA.
  5. How to check out the ethics and business practices of businesses worldwide.
  6. Where you can get security products , such as recording and tracking equipment, bomb detectors and much more.
  7. Information on untraceable assets protection (anonymous banking) and more.
  8. How to locate military records from Viet Nam, Korea, WW II, etc...
  9. Search legal opinions, trial transcripts, etc...
  10. Find wanted fugitives, "maybe your secretive neighbor"!
  11. You will find thousands of business and personal uses for these tools.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: This program requires Microsoft Windows operating system WITH Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or LATER.  This is the ONLY platform currently supported.

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