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Hi ,

this site is the very first beginning.
We are only two working on this project.
Our idea is that children are our future.
Humanity can have a better future only if will educate children. In Romania education is suffering. We try to help building an organization able to offer a real education at least to few of the children without parents.

It seem a little thing, but is not. just imagine that a child without education lost on streets, is almost sure to became an hustler robber or thief. How much damage can make such a person in his rest of the life.
As an educated being, on opposite will be useful to society.

We realize that our project is huge and will spend the rest of our life building it, but the results will justify the effort.

This site is a connection between us, and you the ones willing to contribute with everything you can to a better society.
Even an advice is good.

Anyway, one little way to help is to visit our sponsors  So, please bookmark this page and visit every time you need.

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