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    God Bless the U.S.A. / September 11th

You can fight us. You can bomb us. You can attack our weak and defenseless. But you will not make us fall. We stand united, in defiance of you and yours. We stand united, and we stand strong. Those who would harm the innocent will feel our wrath; for this will not stand. We will rebuild, stronger than ever. We will be aveneged.

    Here's an update / September 10th

This is an update of the site. It's the only update of the site. Because nobody else has updated the site. So this is the first update of ther site. I ramble.

      What's New:
9/11: site designed
9/10: site beta

      Today's Quote:

Insert a quote. You can make it as long as you would like, because I have a spiff background that can go as far down as you need it to. So if you need to put a lot of text in here, shoot.

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