This is just a draft site. If you got here by chance you must know that I intend to update my site as much often as possible.

First of all I must tell you that I am a Go player. If you would like to play a game or correspond with me, here is my mail address

More details will come later.

Anyway, i just discovered that search engines pay few cents for using them, so I choosed the best to present to you.
I really recommend to use these interesting search engines
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eHowSearch box
you can use questions not only words        Try it

the very first on market. In this moment is a little overwhelmed but hope they will recover/

Search box for web search or specially for shopping

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yellow pages


Thank you for using my search boxes and please come back often

The second discovery
is that here are a lot of interesting things, services and opportunities.
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Is not a fortune but is good:)