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And here I am too.
I am just a quiet guy.
I do not want to conquer the world, I do not want to prove to anybody how tough or wise I am,
I Want to live my simple life without to bother and without to be bothered.
I just had built my own house with my own hands. Is not yet finished so I am still a busy man
I had no time to travel.
But there is Internet, where you can travel around the world in seconds. So I made my little virtual home here too. If you want to visit me, you are welcome













Iaca scosei si eu capul pe aici. Nu prea am eu timp de calatorii, dar cu deplasarea instant ce o ofera internetul uite ca am aruncat si eu o privire in lume. In viata reala mi-am construit o casa de unul singut cu propriile miini. Asa cas de ce sa nu fac si una virtuala aici.
Iata si rezultatul.
Nu e profesionist, dar nici nu trebuie :)