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Welcome to Friends Christian Web Site!

"Friends Christian Ministries" (Quakers) is a little Quaker outreach in Greece. Our aim is to preach the same Gospel as the first Christian Church and Early Friends (Quakers) did in the past. We belong to the Christian Unprogrammed Conservative branch of the "Society of Friends" (Quakers). We try to live in God's Spirit, living a in a continuoual Baptism, the Baptism in the Holy Spirit which is for all Christians. We hold to all the major doctrines of the Christian Church but speak also of things that other Christian groups don't ponder on. For us there is but one Truth and He is Christ Jesus, the Light. We are pacifists and uphold the primitive Christian doctrine of non-resistanse. In view of the evils arising from the use of tobacco and intoxicating drinks we abstain from using them. We believe in marriage and the family. For us children are gifts from God and should be nurtured in His ways. We don't have paid Ministers and as mentioned earlier we meet for worship in the unprogrammed style. This is a meeting for worship held in the traditional manner of Friends (Quakers), on the basis of silence, in which the worshippers wait for divine guidance and insparation. Individuals may speak as they feel a message given to them to share with the group. In our Meetings only Teacher is our Lord Christ Jesus. For us Christ has come to teach His people Himself. We send out publications in Greek and in English to all who request it. If you would like a catalogue or information please contact us at: christianquakers@europe.com.